Recording during lockdown

Well what a ride it has been. Before the problems started with the virus, I had arranged with the fantastic people at Puzzlemaker Studios in Bristol to record an EP. However, like with many projects this was put on hold.

Funny how things work, last year I was with BMLG and left on the March 22nd, to be self-employed on the 23rd. The same day as lockdown was announced, I think the timing could have been a little better.

So, the EP, well I have been in the studios for about 4 days putting down the scratch demos for the main musicians to work with. This has been a slightly different experience than anything before in a studio due to the social distancing. With only three people in the studio, spaced out and separated by white tape on the floor creates a strange sterile feeling.

Working with Danny and Andrea has been delightful. Extracting my visions for the song along with their extensive knowledge of the genre has been a process that I thought would be difficult but has been smooth and easy.

As we start to record the main parts of the EP, I will write a new blog and hopefully get some images of the magic in progress. However, with all this social distancing quite a few parts of the recordings will be done remotely.

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