Thursday is Bass line day

So i did say with a unique twist. The Bassist is Tyler Spicer, who's in the studio everyone but Tyler.. due the Covid situation Tyler has remotely laid down the bass lines for the EP.

Yes the sterile situation continues.

So heres an image stolen from his facebook page....

Yep the dude in the glasses, rockin' it out..

The bass lines were absolutely spot on and with Tylers unique sound and energy fitted in perfectly.

We the tracked the Acoustic guitars and i have to say hat off to Danny McMahon who went into his sweaty box and laid down some great sounds. Being on one of the hottest days so far, in a studio with no air con, proved to be hard work... well i say this, there i am lazying around on the couch.... as you do..

The Ep is growing at a beautiful rate into a unique sound that is Stuart Rolfe and the Daylight Stealers. We're not reinventing the wheel but looking at the 90's big country sounds that keep you tapping and dancing all night long. Take care and keep safe chilluns..x

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