Stuart Rolfe and the Daylight Stealers, is a unique blend of musicians creating the sound of Nashville, producing the big country sounds. Country music is a journey, the songs are stories with musical magic entwined within. 
Our unique sound spans from the 90's to the modern day.  Submersing you in the music and creating that feel good factor.

The New EP

The New Ep - No Gas Lost Roads, has finally been finished.

We are now in the process of having the CD's pressed and the digital platforms loaded up

Our launch date will be available soon.

You can pre-order the EP here

Bear Guitars cutting through the rough

These guitars are second to non, i have had the pleasure and delight of playing them first hand. Their definitive sound can be heard throughout our music


Bear Guitars, Handmade guitars built in Dorset

I design and build guitars to celebrate the uniqueness of every guitarist, and every piece of wood, often native to my home. They’re designed for guitarists who follow their own path, a mutual labour of love

bear guitars.jpg
guitar close up
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