Fantastic News

Stuart Rolfe will be fundraising for this amazing charity

Whilst Stuart was playing a few songs for sick children in hospital, A young girl asked if she could play his guitar, he left the guitar with her. Unfortunately she lost her fight.


Stuart is now fundraising to help fund music therapy sessions in The Bristol  Childrens Hospital.

You can help, donate and help raise a fantastic amount of money for the hospital. The music therapy sessions create a wonderful experience and help the children deal with day to day issues and explore. It helps them deal with constant health issues and ultimately helps bring back those smiles. The smiles that all children should have.


Beautiful Team

We are so excited to have teamed up with Smokehead Whisky

Smokehead and The Daylight Stealers have teamed up with their unique brand of smoky whisky. 

Terminado a combination of their special recipe whisky blended with the sweet indulgence of Tequila. Bringing together a link to the after life. 

This opens the doorway to another world, after the fat lady sings. We are so grateful for the support from the distillery.