Oliver Wylde

Hi Everyone, I’m a drummer who goes by the stage name Oliver Wylde


I started playing the drums at the age of 8, My first lessons were with someone who auditioned for the Sex Pistols. His teaching method was to sit me behind the drum kit, whilst he had his guitar and made me play along. The rest is history. It was obvious then, that playing the drums was in my blood.


At school I was able to complete my drums grades, however I couldn’t read music very well, so I used to memorise it, and pretend. Funnily no one noticed and looking back I still chuckle.


I’ve played in many bands over the years in many genres from Rock, Metal to Country. I was nominated for musician of the year 2018 and again in 2019.

My credits include Darcy, Gary Quinn, Kezia Gill, Jade Halliwell, Katie O’Malley, Luke Thomas and the legendary slide guitarist Sarah Jury.


I am a competent studio and live drummer, also able to play the Bass guitar and Piano.

I have toured the UK playing in prestigious venues and festivals. In 2019 I travelled to Australia on a tour, where we finished at the local town hall, then going on to the main stage at the very famous Tamworth Festival.