Singer/songwriter and session musician

Stuart Rolfe


From an early age, music became an integral part of my life, igniting a passion that would shape my journey. While attending boarding school at the age of 8, I was introduced to the addictive nature of music. The school mandated piano lessons, but my rebellious spirit led me to pursue the guitar instead. This decision marked the beginning of my musical adventure, characterized by determination and resilience. During my teenage years, I worked for a company called Damage Management, which provided me with a glimpse into the music industry and the opportunity to meet legendary artists like Dire Straits, forging lasting connections with Jack Sonni and the iconic Mark Knopfler.

Growing up in a family involved in the pub trade, I initially pursued a degree in catering and hotel hospitality, immersing myself in that world. However, music continued to hold a special place in my heart, and I never ceased strumming the strings of my trusty guitar. Despite the demands of my career, the love of my family, including my first wife and beautiful daughter, brought immense joy and fulfillment to my life. As I encountered various obstacles along the way, including battling leukemia from 2009 to 2014 and experiencing a minor stroke in 2014, I learned valuable lessons about resilience and the importance of cherishing the good times.

After a successful stint in the Diplomatic Services, working for Queen and country, my heartstrings tugged me in a different direction. Life's ups and downs paved the way for me to embark on a new chapter, guided by my passion for music. In 2016, fate smiled upon me as I secured a successful audition for Country2Country, an experience that exposed me to renowned artists such as Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Jason Aldean, among others. This opened doors for me to collaborate as a session guitarist with prestigious labels BMLG and Sony Nashville UK.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I found solace and inspiration in the company of Tyler Spicer, an exceptional musician, and the owner of NAM studios. Our partnership flourished, with Tyler's unwavering commitment to perfection and professionalism enhancing the quality of my music. At NAM, I also had the pleasure of meeting the talented drum virtuoso Robert Brian, whose remarkable rhythmic skills brought my songs to life. And then there was Dylan Smith, a guitar maestro whose vast collection of Stratocasters and musical prowess added an undeniable magic to our collaborations.

In a pivotal moment, I decided to step out of the shadows and take center stage after two decades of supporting roles. This transformation was made possible by the guidance and expertise of vocal coach Becky Lawrence, whose love for music and extensive knowledge provided me with the necessary tools to push forward. Together, we crafted a powerful and meaningful duet that surpassed all expectations.

I am honored to be surrounded by such remarkable musicians, songwriters, and engineering professionals who form the foundation of the Daylight Stealers. Their collective talents have contributed to our ongoing success and growth.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on numerous live and recorded sessions with acclaimed artists and bands such as Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Mark Knopfler, and more. These experiences have shaped me as an artist and allowed me to showcase my skills as a guitarist.

In recent times, I have had the pleasure of performing at esteemed events such as the Stonehenge Summer Solstice Festival, Country Music Social Media Festival, Fox's Party Festival, and Ilfracombe Country Festival. Additionally, I have engaged in intimate acoustic sessions at private weddings and various venues, leaving a lasting impact with my heartfelt performances. Furthermore, participating in singer/songwriter rounds and open mic nights has enriched my musical journey, providing invaluable opportunities for growth


Credits: (just a small snippet of the places i have been honoured and humbled by)

Live session work:George Walker Tour for Cancer - 2017

Tour de Cure - California - 2018/2019 

Country to Country  (C2C) 2017 - Standby session                                  

Country to Country (C2C) 2018 - Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill - Dancehall Doctors

Nashville Farewell Tour - 2018 with the Rodeo Kings

JJB Blues and Country Tour - 2018 2nd Rhythm Guitar

Recorded session work:

Jason Aldean - Hicktown, 3rd guitar

The Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel, Rhythm

Miranda Lambert - Wild Card, Rhythm

Small works at British Grove - Mark Knopfler

Sony Nashville/RCA Session work 2017-2019

BMLG Session work 2019-2020